Year 9 Enjoy Getting Together

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The Year 9  GCSE Dance group performed their original ‘moving raps’ at the Great Get Together in memory of Jo Cox, the murdered politician, in front of friends and family at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.  It was a lovely sunny day and their great performance made the day even brighter and hotter!!

‘We had a really good experience working with MC Angel and Theo ‘Godson’ Oloyade or the past few weeks’ said Cosmina

“I loved it’ said Gabriela.

The audience cheered really loudly when our group rapped about Equality and that males and females should be treated the same.  Lister were one of 6 schools performing and I think we were the best, but I may be a  little bit  biased.

Look out for Lister’s Carnival Club walking and dancing around Newham streets at this year’s Newham Carnival this Saturday!

Ms Coke

Lister World Cup

Lister students celebrated the World Cup 2018 with our own Lister World Cup. Boys and girls from year 7 – 9 enjoyed competing against each other, drawing in crowds of 100+ spectators who were treated to some really exciting games.

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Well done to Argentina (year 7) and Panama (year 9) for winning the Men’s World Cup and it is looking like Germany could win the Women’s World Cup as they remain unbeaten in all their games.

On behalf of all of Lister, “COME ON ENGLAND!”

Mr Muscat